9th Annual Nor-Cal Swing Dance Challenge: Keep ‘Em Swingin’

One Flap Down Foundation
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The West Coast Swing University is hosting their 9th Annual Nor-Cal Swing Dance Challenge and is using their platform to support the One Flap Down Foundation. The event is all day and will feature performances of professional swing dances, swing dance workshops, and a silent auction. Participants will also get a chance to dance with former San Francisco Giants' outfielder Jeffrey "HacMan" Leonard.

NCSDC will be holding a silent auction, raffle, presentation, and donating contest entry fees to the One Flap Down Foundation. One Flap Down is an organization that supports single parents with breast cancer.

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When: September 20, 2014

Where: Lake Merrit Dance Center

             200 Grand Ave, Oakland

Time: 11:30 AM to 12:00 AM

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