A Note to Friends and Community from NBC Bay Area's Director of Community Marketing

NBC Bay Area's director of community marketing and events is retiring after almost 20 years of serving the Bay Area community.

During his 19 years with the company, Lance Lew has been integral in establishing KNTV as the NBC Owned & Operated station for the Bay Area. He was responsible for community development and events, outreach and engagement and to translate the needs of the community to each of the station’s departments.

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Lance’s interest with historical, cultural and culinary topics made him a perfect match when Robert Handa, a former colleague, joined NBC Bay Area to collaborate, create and develop the weekly Asian Pacific America program seven years ago.

Stay in touch! Reach out to Lance on Facebook or LinkedIn.

A note from Lance to his colleagues and friends in the community:

If flowers were words, I would have designed an arrangement of a thousand flowers for everyone’s enjoyment and to share a bit of the spotlight from the past few days. Your hugs in the hall, emails, text, calls and chat messages have moved me to tears, very thankful for my absorbent fabric mask at times like this! But before I walk out the door at NBC Bay Area and Telemundo 48, I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for an unforgettable career and wonderful friendships that were made over the nineteen years while working here. Looking back, moving forward, we have accomplished a great deal together.

It has been a privilege to work with so many true professionals. First off, the culture in this building is special and a mix of all who work here; I am happy to have influenced it in my small way. For those of you who were part of my bon voyage video- thank you, thank you, thank you, your messages were both creative and heartfelt. I have been asked to record them in the past and personally never have been able to capture the emotion, laughter & sincerity as you achieved. Ruben reminds me you can’t make a PSA without good video and sound; you all have overdelivered. Thank you Ruben, Chris & Liza for spearheading the tribute and all the elements of my memorable retirement celebration.

In closing, it is a bittersweet moment for me…. so very hard to close this chapter and so very excited to face my new challenges like navigating Medicare! It’s been said that jobs come and go but friendships last forever. I consider all of you my friends and I hope you will stay in touch.

Keep calm and carry on,


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