Akbayan SJSU Holds its 27th Pilipino Cultural Night, LABAN

Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) 2015 celebrates 27 years of Akbayan SJSU's never-ending effort to enrich the campus and surrounding communities with the melting pot that is the Philippines culture. The student-run production blends a theatrical play with Philippine folk arts and music, as well as other student performances.

To give further meaning to this year's PCN title, LABAN, PCN Coordinator Mia Guevarra explains."I chose Laban because it means fight in Tagalog, said Guevarra. "It was also the slogan for Cory Aquino's campaign. But I feel like it means so much to this story and is partly the ultimate message. Not every fight has to be violent which I think is what really made me want to name it Laban. The word fight doesn't have to be negative because sometimes we fight for things we need, like love."

"In addition to the theatrical presentation, Laban will feature a wide variety of performing arts with emphasis on displaying the Philippine culture. There will be a choir singing songs in English and Tagalog, contemporary and hip-hop dance pieces, and a live rondalla and student music ensemble to play the background music throughout the progress of the show.


Elizabeth A. Hangs Theater

5001 Great America PKWY, Santa Clara, California 95054


April 24 - 25 at 5:30 p.m.


Tickets are available at the door, $25 General Admission. For group rates of 10+ attendees, contact treasurer@akbayansjsu.org.

For more information, click here.

NBC Bay Area's Asian Pacific America had the pleasure of welcoming Akbayan on the show. To view their segment and to learn more, watch here.

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