Alameda County Heroes Breakfast 2014

For over a century, the Red Cross has been a community leader in emergency preparedness and response. Our Heroes Breakfast honors that longstanding tradition of heroism by recognizing local individuals whose extraordinary acts make them a hero. Our heroes personify compassion, selflessness and kindness.

The annual breakfast, a gathering of more than 200 community and business leaders, raises critical funds to help support Red Cross disaster preparedness and response programs in Alameda County. The event recognizes local individuals and organizations that make a difference in their community through acts of courage and kindness. This year’s honorees include the following Alameda County citizens and organizations:

Animal Rescue Heroes: Adam Cohen and Ed Coyne

While windsurfing in the San Francisco Bay, Ed Coyne rescued a swimming puppy struggling to stay above water and Adam Cohen assisted the rescue by taking the puppy back to shore on his boat. Then after several months of trying to locate the dog’s owner with no luck, Adam and his wife adopted the dog.

Community Service Hero, Organization: Community Child Care Council (4C’s)

The Community Child Care Council, also known as 4C’s, is an organization that develops collaboration among community partners and childcare providers. The organization provides critical information, which aids in strengthening families and children.

Community Service Hero, Organization: Glad Tidings Community Development Corporation

Bishop Jerry Macklin established the Glad Tidings Community Development Corporation, a 5013c nonprofit organization comprised of the Glad Tidings Church of God community. They work with a neighborhood collaborative and Hayward city officials to lead the deteriorating, marginalized community of South Hayward toward empowerment through economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and education.

Act of Courage Hero: Dan Gale

Dan Gale came to the aid of a fellow bus passenger, Sasha Fleishman, whose clothes had been lit on fire. Dan pulled the flaming skirt off of Sasha with his bare hands and remained with him until paramedics arrived. On Sasha’s first bus ride after his recovery, Dan accompanied him on the same line.

Act of Courage Hero: Philip Scholz

On his way home from work, Philip Scholz noticed a man on the ACE train tracks in Pleasanton. Since Phil was a regular commuter, he knew an express train was on its way. He called to the man repeatedly, advising him to get off the tracks. As the train approached, Phil laid down on the platform, reaching to pull the individual up and out. As the train entered the station, it struck both men. Phil was killed in the accident but the second man survived.

Lifesaving Hero: Jose Tamayo

While walking with his family on the San Leandro Marina Par Exercise Course, Jose Tamayo heard a young girl screaming for help from the water. Jose jumped into the water and rescued her from the strong currents. He then noticed a young boy floating face down, so he rushed back into the water to rescue him. The seven-year-old appeared to be unconscious, so Jose used his CPR knowledge to help save his life.

Blood Services Hero: Josie Mattos

Josie Mattos, a volunteer for the Fremont Police Department since 2009, donates an average of 600-700 hours every year to the community. One of the most notable contributions is her leadership in organizing blood drives with the American Red Cross. Since 2010, she has coordinated a total of 12 blood drives, resulting in the collection of over 600 pints of blood.

Act of Kindness & Philanthropy Hero: Mary Silveria

Noticing the growing homeless population, Mary Silveria, a life-long resident of Hayward, decided to take action. At age 82, whenever Mary goes out for a drive she carries a stock of non-perishable food and clothing items in her car and keeps an eye out for homeless individuals in need. She also contributes money to those in need.

Community Service Hero, Individual: Officer Tim DeGrano

Tim DeGrano has served the San Leandro community for more than 25 years as a police officer, and also helps his community by volunteering for the St. Joseph Notre Dame High School in Alameda for more than 20 years and spending his free time at the Alameda Boys and Girls Club, where he is active in fundraising events.

When: September 5, 2014

Where: Hilton Oakland Airport

Time: 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM

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