Asian Art Museum May Events

Suzuki Harunobu / Asian Art Museum

This May, the Asian Art Museum will be hosting its First Thursday on May 7, with Docent Kirsten Shilakes who will discuss a flight of three sakes followed by a film featuring LUCKYRICE culinary festival founder Danielle Chang, as she travels across America exploring the Asian food landscape.

On May 21, the museum will facilitate a discussion about the aesthetics and ethics of contemporary Filipino American Art in the Bay Area and how it is a fertile ground for Filipino/American artists and performers. On May 28, the Artist Drawing Club series continue with Ma Li as she will present Gathering Among Stars, which will utilize the museum space as a nexus where past and future, East and West, institutions and individuals intersect.

5/7 Big Taste: Sake and "Lucky Chow" - Join us as we explore the rich intersection of art, culture, food and spirits. It's a perfect night to tour Seduction: Japan's Floating World and The Printer's Eye one last time with drinks, music, and lively conversation before the exhibitions close on May 10.

5/16 Asian Heritage Street Celebration - Explore the museum for free as a part of this annual program held during the Asian Heritage Street Celebration. The museum will also be celebrating International Museum Day.

5/21 The State of the State: Contemporary Filipino/American Art in the Bay Area - Drawing its title from a painting by the late Carlos Villa, this roundtable conversation will ruminate on the aesthetics and ethics of contemporary Filipino American art in the Bay Area.

5/28 Gathering Among Stars with Ma Li - Ma Li presents Gathering Among Stars, using recycled materials to explore the museum's role as an important point of intersection and interaction. 


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