Asian Pacific Fund – COVID-19 Response Fund

Over the past two weeks, Asian Pacific Fund has continued to closely monitor the impact of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic on their nonprofits. They are being tested in unprecedented ways as they scramble to meet the needs of their clients who are at risk like never before. Here are a few heartbreaking examples:

  • Domestic violence is on the rise. One victim has already attempted suicide twice after being forced to shelter-in-place with her abuser.
  • Isolated seniors and vulnerable teens are going hungry. Seniors are on waiting lists for food deliveries while out-of-school students are desperate without any stable source of hot meals.
  • Staff at health clinics are courageously continuing to serve clients without proper protective gear and are struggling to provide in-language resources to keep clients informed.

In addition to all of this, xenophobia is on the rise as Asians (not just Chinese) are being scapegoated for COVID-19, spat on while riding BART and MUNI and yelled at in grocery stores to “wear a mask.”

To meet these needs, the Asian Pacific Fund launched a COVID-19 Response Fund with every dollar going directly to their nonprofits serving the API community before the end of April. They have received a generous donation of $200,000, of which $100,000 is a matching grant. This means every gift will be matched dollar for dollar and what you give today will begin providing COVID-19 relief within weeks.

Now more than ever, those who are on the front lines need our support as they work tirelessly to serve our most vulnerable during this devastating pandemic. They invite you to make a donation today and double your impact while helping us meet their goal of $100,000. Together, we can support our community in this hour of need.

To donate, click here. 

In addition to funding, their nonprofits are in dire need of volunteers and in-kind donations. Click here to learn more about how you can help. 

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