Family Dog Rescue Save Two Stray Dogs

Two Labrador Pit mix siblings, Bonnie and Clyde were originally found in Bakersfield and were going to be euthanized at the local shelter. Family Dog Rescue found out and brought them home to the San Francisco based shelter. 

Meanwhile, one of their long-time volunteers, Florence, has a brother whose sweet dog had passed away. He shared with his sister that he was so sad and that if Florence ever came across another Labrador Pit mix to please let him know. She’d never seen a dog like that come through the shelter but promised she would, guessing it might take a few months or even years before it actually happened. However, fast forward to that VERY night, and Bonnie and Clyde arrive from Bakersfield! Florence knew it was fate and her brother, Luis, immediately fell in love with both of them! 

Luis lives by the beach in El Salvador, so after a bit of coordination, a few vet appointments, two new travel crates, and a plane ride later, Bonnie and Clyde (now Mojo and Kona) are living their best lives with their forever family! Their new hobbies include chasing crabs on the beach, swimming in their pool, romping around in their backyard, and cuddling all night in bed!

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