Japantown San Jose Celebrates 125 Years

SJ Japantown 125 Years

A historic year for the city, San Jose’s very own Japantown celebrates 125 years. In honor of this special landmark in San Jose’s history, Japantown hosts two concerts, on August 15th and September 12th, 2015. Both concerts honor two individuals who stepped forward to help the Asian community during critical times in history John Heinlen, a German born immigrant, came to the aid of the Chinese community and built a new Chinatown after the second Chinatown in San Jose was burned to the ground by arson. JB Peckam saw to it that Asian families were guaranteed the property that they worked so hard to purchase fighting the Oriental Exclusion Acts and also personally taking care of the properties during WWII Internment of anyone of Japanese Heritage.

On September 12th at the Wesley United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, enjoy music from the Wesley Jazz Band and a performance from the Wesley Ukelele Band together with hula dancing from Halau Na Wai Ola. Wear your favorite aloha shirt or dress and be prepared for some to do some hula dancing! Ceremonial presentations will also take place during this event, as it is the last concert in the series.

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When: September 12, 2015

Where: Wesley United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, San Jose

Time: 7:00 PM

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