Oakland Museum of California SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot and Vinyl: The Sound and Culture of Records

Oakland Museum of California's anticipated exhibits are set to open next month. SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot and Vinyl: The Sound and Culture of Records will both open April 19. Members of the public can try their hand at making animated flip books, DJing and turntabling, learning whatever happened to the most feared Asian Bad Guys from film and TV, swap records with collectors, and more in a variety of public activities this spring at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA).

SuperAweome: Art and Giant Robot will feature the work of 15 contemporary artists associated with the groundbreaking magazine Giant Robot, an ahead-of-its-time celebration of Asian and Asian American pop and alternative culture. Vinyl: The Sound and Culture of Records will give museum goers a chance to explore the social and cultural phenomenon of listening to, collecting, and sharing records.

Delve into a uniquely Californian take on this popular medium with experiences ranging from individual and group listening stations to informal talks and live performances. Listen to music produced by influential Bay Area independent labels, examine notable record collections, explore displays of vibrant album cover art, and hear interviews with record collectors-all in an innovative listening space. With opportunities to play albums and participate in music events and performances, Vinyl invites you to become a part of the exhibition itself. Vinyl connects to OMCA's major spring exhibition SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot through programs and in-gallery experiences celebrating how a range of communities comes together to create shared popular culture.

When: April 19-July 27, 2014

Where: Oakland Museum of California, 100 Oak Street, Oakland, CA 94607

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