Pet of the Week – Champion

The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA’s Pet of the Week is Champion.

Got the Super Bowl blues and need a pick me up to ease your disappointment that the San Francisco 49ers didn’t secure the championship?  Then consider adopting an undefeated contender, a teeny tiny teacup Chihuahua who just happens to have the name of Champion. This six-year old spayed female Chihuahua may only weigh 4 pounds, but she is the undisputed MVP of hearts. Champion pretty much holds the title of most snuggliest dog on the planet.  She loves to be held and cuddle with her favorite people. Champion is also a tripod, but the absence of her front right leg doesn’t slow her down one bit. Who needs a Super Bowl ring when you’ve got Champion the tripod Chihuahua? Score a lifetime of touch downs and ask for Champion ID# A873315. 

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