Silicon Valley Reads 2022

Community engagement program featuring over 100 books and events in February and March 2022

Silicon Valley Reads is an annual community engagement program that features books and a new theme each year to bring people together by providing more than 100 free, public events in February and March.

This year's theme is "The Power of Kindness, Resilience & Hope."

To see the complete calendar of events, please click here.

Last year’s theme of “Connecting” deeply resonated in the community, as readers of all ages found new ways to build connections. In 2022, Silicon Valley Reads will continue to connect through "the Power of Kindness, Resilience & Hope" with meaningful stories and a combination of virtual and in-person events to motivate and inspire the community.

The program includes three official selections, "See No Stranger" by Valarie Kaur, "Enough About Me," by Richard Lui, and "A Dream Called Home" by Reyna Grande, as well as companion books for children and teens and three recommended fiction titles.

Click here to view a list of the Silicon Valley Reads selected 2022 children and teen books.

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