Smithsonian Institution: An Asian Pacific American Story

Take a journey into the history of Asian Americans at the Smithsonian Institution's An Asian Pacific American Story exhibition, hosted at the Museums of Sonoma County. Open now through August 30, 2015, An Asian Pacific American Story celebrates the Asian Pacific History across a multitude of incredibly diverse cultures and explores how Asian Pacific Americans have shaped and been shaped over the course of our nation's history.

The exhibition charts the beginnings of Asians in America, from the idea of Asia first motivating Christopher Columbus' trans-Atlantic voyage of discovery in 1492 to the arrival of Asian laborers all along the Gulf Coast and Eastern American seaboard throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. From there, the exhibitino tells the rich and complex stories of early Asian immigrants finding homes and participating in key moments in American history.

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When: Now through August 30, 2015

Where: Museums of Sonoma County

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