Techmanity 2014


Silicon Valley is the innovation capital of the world: come see the future according to the people making it. Techmanity is made in Silicon Valley by and for the very people who are leveraging innovation and bold ideas to change the world-- you. 

Techmanity features speakers and panelists curated by Fast Company magazine, networking and music events produced by concert powerhouse Live Nation. Everywhere you look : Silicon Valley's top brands, brightest tech starts, biggest celebrities, newest trends. Celebrate our world and your part in creating it. 

Techmanity is for the people who know how to race 1,00 miles per hour to a solution and cross a finish line to affect change. If you are in Marketing, Sales or Business Development, Product Development, Engineering or Management, HR, or Finance, Techmanity is designed to help you get ahead and contribute more to your organization's success. 

When: October 1-2, 2014

Where: Downtown San Jose

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