The Tech Challenge 2016

The Tech Museum of Innovation is back on April 23, 2016 with a signature program that allows a team of students to interact with a hands-on projected geared to solving a real world problem. This year’s challenge? Build a glider to deliver supplies to a remote location. While teams are building and reinforcing design challenges that can be applied to real world scenarios, The Tech Challenge hopes to build an unbreakable excitement and encourages all teams to enter!  In the heart of Silicon Valley, The Tech Challenge provides months of team learning in subjects like science, math, and engineering. The Tech Challenge takes classroom skills, to the next level by reinforcing creativity, risk taking, leadership, teamwork, presentation, perseverance, and learning from failure. This program makes a great experience for classrooms, home schools, after-school programs, extra-credit projects, clubs or friends!

Three grade levels: elementary, 4-6; middle school, 7-8; high school, 9-12.

Participants collaborate in teams of two to six people.

Registration fees are $50 for the entire team.

Fees waived for Title I schools and after-school programs.

Solutions can be created with common, low-cost materials.

There are no prequalifying conditions to enter.

•       Special-needs students are encouraged to enter.

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