The 19th Anniversary UNAFF: Compass For A Better World

United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF) celebrates 19 years as one of the oldest solely documentary film festivals in the United States! UNAFF has grown and earned the respects of audiences and filmmakers alike for its fearless independence and integrity. This film festival will be held October 20-30, 2016 in Palo Alto, Stanford University, East Palo Alto, and San Francisco. Following this year’s theme of “A Better World”, UNAFF celebrated the 50th anniversary of signing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and focuses on aspects like sustainable development goals.  

Last year UNAFF jurors reviewed almost 600 submissions. The final program consisted of 60 films from all over the world. To complement the screenings UNAFF partnered with community organizations for eight panels on topics such as funding documentaries and non-profit organizations dealing with social change, the perils of inequality, the justice of reconciliation, the endurance of racism, acceptance vs. bullying, the quest for health, the elimination of violence against women and climate countdown.

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