Changemakers: Watermark Conference for Women

Virtual event on Thursday, March 25

Join NBC Bay Area's Jessica Aguirre at Changemakers: A Watermark Conference for Women on Thursday, March 25. Attendees will hear from powerful and inspirational women who have challenged the status quo, followed their dreams, and disrupted norms in extraordinary ways.

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Learn from their personal and professional journeys – from finding their authentic voice, and sparking meaningful change. Hear firsthand how these incredible women found the moxie to spread their wings, and tackle some of today’s most explosive issues: the “she-cession,” racism, accessible healthcare, climate crisis, and more. They will delight, and energize you with their stories.

Featured speakers:

  • Rosario Dawson - Artist, Designer and Activist
  • Zainab Salbi - Humanitarian, Author and Journalist
  • Cleo Wade - Poet, Activist and Author
  • Katherine Ryder - Founder & CEO, Maven

Join the virtual event on March 25 for a day of learning and inspiration (from your office or living room) — and get ready for your next adventure.

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