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NBCUniversal's 21st Century Grant Winners



    NBCUniversal's 21st Century Grant Winners

    Congratulations to the outstanding winners of the NBCUniversal Foundation’s 21st Century Solutions 2015 Grant! Official winners come from a pool of diverse and creative approaches to address community challenges through civic engagement, environmental action, empowering education, and media technology.  NBC Bay Area winners are:

    Kiva Microfunds creates a network to alleviate poverty by letting individuals lend as little as $25 to help others create an opportunity around the world. Connecting people to their lender, sharing their story, and getting their money back in the pockets of those who helped support them. There are hundreds of success stories and businesses growing because of this organization. Click here to lend today. 

    Maitri is a nonprofit organization committed to helping families from South Asia facing domestic violence, emotional abuse, cultural alienation, and human trafficking. Celebrating 25 years of community service and helping women help themselves. 

    Tumml supports developing innovative entrepreneurs while simultaneously improving urban problems impacting millions of people.  Through a four-month program Tumml invites early businesses from all around the country to receive their expertise and tools to help scale their impact and enhance the quality of life in cities everywhere. 

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