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Election Day Preparations Underway in Santa Clara County

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Election Day is a few days away, and perhaps no one is watching the calendar as closely as election workers.

The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters opened its doors Wednesday so people can see the work underway ahead of Election Day.

Approximately 87% of Santa Clara County voters have already voted by mail, and election workers are processing some of the 35,000 that have been mailed back.

The Registrar said security is the main priority in every step taken when counting the votes.

"There is no widespread fraud in Santa Clara county or in the state," said Shannon Bushey with the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters.

Below are some key deadlines ahead of Election Day:

  • Oct. 24: Last day to register to vote. People can still cast a conditional ballot through Election Day.
  • Nov. 8: Election Day. If you vote by mail, make sure your ballot is postmarked by then.
  • Nov. 15: Final day of vote counting.

For this election, the county will have 103 vote centers that will open between Oct. 29 and Election Day. You can drop your mail-in ballot into a mailbox.

Face coverings will be needed to enter any county building.

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