Veteran Law Enforcement Figures to Face Off in Santa Clara County Sheriff Race

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The two candidates vying to become Santa Clara County's next sheriff spent time on Wednesday explaining how they plan to square off.

Candidates Robert Jonsen and Kevin Jensen are veteran law enforcement figures with a lot of differences. One of them will replace Sheriff Laurie Smith, who is retiring as she deals with ethics and corruption investigations.

Jensen, a retired veteran sheriff officer who once ran against Smith, detailed the contrast of Jensen versus Jonsen.

"We’re not a campaign that ever goes negative or dirty, but we certainly know there are differences between us and what we’ve been fighting for and me being there for 37 years and fighting internally and somebody who’s come from two or three other departments."

Jonsen said a crucial difference is Jensen is retired. Jonsen is not.

"I’ve been in this profession far longer and I’ve also been actually doing this job in the last couple of years, so I think the voters will start to see that," Jonsen said.

Two current deputies, Christine Agaye and Sean Allen, both drew a significant numbers of votes. Jonsen and Jensen will need to woo those supporters.

"I look forward to working with both of them," Jonsen said. "I’d love that opportunity and really talk with their supporters as well so they can see that we’re not that far apart in what we want to do for the organization and this county."

Jonsen and Jensen took some time off from intense campaigning Wednesday. Both plan to resume soon, targeting the public, especially those who supported the other candidates.

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