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Pig-Like Chacoan Peccary Pups at SF Zoo



    Pig-Like Chacoan Peccary Pups at SF Zoo
    San Francisco Zoo/Sandi Wong
    Chacoan peccary pup at the San Francisco Zoo

    If you notice a small herd of South American pig-like creatures snorting about at the San Francisco Zoo, it’s because there are six new Chacoan peccary pups born there last month.

    These peccaries are typically found in the dry shrubs of Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. 

    Zoo spokeswoman Abbie Tuller said these herds are decreasing as a result of habitat loss and fragmentation due primarily to an increase in the number of ranches, oil exploration, road construction, and uncontrolled hunting.

    The mammals are on the endangered species list.

    PHOTOS: Pig Like Chacoan Peccary Pups 

    The first 100 kids to arrive on Saturday and Sunday at the zoo will receive an exclusive SF Zoo Peccary Pup bracelet.

    Click here for more information about the zoo.

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