Father's Day Jun 19

The Secret to the Perfect Clean Shave

Give that special man in your life a clean shave this Father’s Day. “California Live” visits the Barber Surgeon Guild in West Hollywood which combines a luxury grooming salon with a medical clinic. Cl...

  • Mental Health Month May 11

    Meet the Psychiatrist Who Cures the Brain

    Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Amen doesn’t like the word “mental” as, he says, it has become stigmatized. So, for Mental Health Awareness month “California Live” is celebrating “brain health” with a trip to Amen’s office to better understand his approach to evaluating and treating the brain. When you have a better brain, everything in your life is bett...
  • Mother's Day May 7

    Try Halotherapy for Mother's Day

    Have you ever heard of salt-based therapy? According to the founders of Halo Salt Spa it can help with respiratory and skin ailments plus promotes energy. “California Live” gets a tour of the spa to get an understanding of how salt-based therapy works including a peek into the halotherapy salt room. Watch and hear about the Mother’s Day special....
  • health & fitness Apr 30

    Shed the Quarantine 15 Fast

    Our friend Dr. Ian Smith talks to “California Live” about his new book “Fast Burn, The Power of Negative Energy Balance.” He takes us through his 9-week program that includes affordable accessible food options. “The beauty of the plan is that it really is easy to do,” he says. Learn how Smith’s program hacks the body’s energy balance so it......
  • beauty expert Apr 27

    Beauty Secrets from Celebrity Makeup Artist Joyce Bonelli

    J-Lo, the Kardashians, and Salma Hayek are just a few of the celebrities that makeup artist Joyce Bonelli has worked with. “California Live” sits down with Bonelli to glean makeup secrets and hear about her new skincare line. “It is so important to start with a great hydrated fresh face to apply makeup to,” says Bonelli. Watch to get more...
  • Deals & Steals May 7

    Treat Your Muscles With This Massage Device

    Many of us struggle with aches, pains, and sore muscles after a hard workout. “California Live’s” shopping expert Genevieve Gorder tells us all about ReAthlete—a percussive massager that will loosen your deep tissues and relieve your muscles. Get 29-40% off on www.adeals.com. Sponsored by America’s Deals & Steals and ReAthlete....
  • health & wellness Apr 21

    7 Easy Ways to Get Better Sleep

    Restorative sleep is one of the best gifts we can give our minds and bodies—especially after this stress-inducing pandemic period. Nurse Barb Dehn gives us tangible tips to help you sleep better, including designing a calm sleep environment, writing down your worries, and more. Incorporate these habits into your routine tonight to optimize your sle...
  • Deals & Steals May 21

    Make Your At-Home Pedicure Easy With Salon Step

    Doing your own pedicures can be a challenge without the proper equipment. Salon Step’s innovation will help you master the art of a good self-care pedi. Its flexible footrest makes it more comfortable to reach your toes, the magnifying eyeglass will help you to paint within the lines, and the storage for nail polish and tools will keep you organize...
  • Deals & Steals May 27

    The Solution to Your Hand Wrinkles

    Getting wrinkles on your chest, neck, and hands? These sensitive areas of our skin can be effectively treated with Wrinkles Schminkles medical grade silicone patches that ease wrinkles overnight. Get 23-50% off today on...
  • after vaccination Apr 14

    You Just Got the 2nd Dose of the Vaccine, Now What?

    Nurse Barb Dehn breaks down the current status of the vaccine efficacy, side effects, and what to do once you’ve gotten your second shot. She explains where it’s safe to let your guard down and where it’s not (like continuing to wear a mask in public). “We can do hard things,” she says. “We’re almost there.”

  • health & nutrition Apr 12

    Could a Plant-Based Diet Make You Feel Better?

    Nastasha McKeon has so much energy she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She says it’s because of what she eats–plant-based and whole foods. The CEO and founder of Choice Superfood Bar & Juicery talks to Ross about her new book “Plant Food Is Medicine” and why she believes following a plant-based diet will help you achieve your body’s......
  • Deals & Steals Apr 12

    Get 20% Off Professional Tooth Whitening System

    Developed by the famous Dr. Smile, dentist to the superstars, the Supersmile is a mouth whitening system that effectively works for all types of teeth—from ultra-sensitive to veneers. Watch and get 20% off.

    Sponsored by America’s Deals & Steals and Supersmile.

  • Nutrition Apr 12

    The 5 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life

    Lifestyle expert Danny Seo takes us through five magical superfoods that are shown to support your health. These unique food finds, such as macadamia oil and almond protein powder, can be easily incorporated into your daily meals or smoothies. Dani does some taste testing.

  • healthcare Apr 9

    What is “Age-Friendly Care”?

    What is “Age-friendly Care”? How does it affect you and your loved ones? Watch as Ereka Vetrini learns how The John A. Hartford Foundation can help older adults live their best life! (sponsored)

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