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50 Cent, Julianne Hough & 'Glee' Stars Celebrate "New Moon" Premiere

Red carpet rollout turns up surprising fans



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    Julianne Hough took in the premiere of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," along with 50 Cent.

    From 50 Cent to Julianne Hough, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" premiere brought out a host of celebrity fans in Los Angeles eager to see the newest big screen installment in Stephenie Meyer's popular vampire franchise.

    "I'm Team Edward!" former "Dancing With the Stars" professional-turned-country cutie Julianne told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson. "[He's] more mysterious."

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    50 Cent, AKA Curtis Jackson, was a red carpet surprise to many at Monday's premiere, but he revealed he's actually a fan of "Twilight."

    "I got a chance to see the first film and I'm excited too," he told Shaun. "I came out to enjoy the festivities."

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    But when asked if he was Team Edward or Team Jacob, 50 said he straddles the vampire-werewolf divide.

    "I'm somewhere in the middle," the rapper-actor said. "I like to see both of them. It's just the enjoyment of the entire project."

    Mark Salling, who plays "Glee's" meathead Noah Puckerman, said he ventured out because he has delved into the print version of the series.

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    "I sit in a dark room and read the books by candle light to Taylor's picture and [with] a rose in my ear," he joked. "I'm a huge fan.

    "I'm really anxious to see the movie," he added. "It's a trip."

    When asked how the Gleeks (the nickname given to "Glee" fans) compare to Twi-Hards, Mark said they actually aren't that different.

    "I think there's a little crossover," he smiled. "I think you can be a little of both, but I think this is a little darker… They're all loyal."

    Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora was another celeb who made it to the LA event, and his daughter with Heather Locklear – Ava — revealed she was ready to see some ab-tastic werewolves.

    "I'm Team Jacob," she smiled. "First of all, I think Edward's the slightest bit creepy. I'm kind of on [Jacob's] side."

    Other stars at the event included "90210's" Jessica Stroup, "Lost's" Emilie de Ravin, Emma Roberts, "So You Think You Can Dance's" Cat Deely and Mary Murphy," "Ghost Whisperer's" Jennifer Love Hewitt and beau Jamie Kennedy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Elle Fanning and rocker Joan Jett, who Kristen Stewart is playing in the upcoming "Runaways" film.

    "I'll be Team Kristen," Joan laughed. "How about that!"

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