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Alleged Kirsten Robber a Dunst

Juror falls for "I'm too stupid" defense



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    What a Dunst.

    The Twinkie defense probably wouldn't have gotten him off the hook, but the "I'm too stupid" defense sure worked for a man accused of robbing Kirsten Dunst – and it was all thanks to one juror. 

    James Jimenez, 35, was charged with snatching the actress' purse from her unlocked SoHo penthouse a few years ago. An attorney for Jimenez, a special-education dropout from Coney Island, said his client wasn't smart enough to pull off the heist. 

    One juror fell for it, forcing a mistrial on two burglary charges, according to a report.

    The Manhattan Supreme Court jury deliberated for three days, after which time they could only agree to convict Jimenez on a misdemeanor trespassing charge.

    "The majority was in favor of guilt," another juror said of the 11-1 vote, according to The New York Post. But they just couldn't swing the lone juror.

    Dunst, who act as Spider-Man's girlfriend Mary Jane Watson in all three of the blockbuster movies, turned the court case into a circus when she testified last week.

    The blonde tossed her hair around and cheerfully described how her purse disappeared while she was at the posh hotel filming scenes for a movie two years ago.

    Jimenez was caught on hotel surveillance video the evening the bag disappeared wandering around in areas he wasn't supposed to be in, including the floor where Dunst's penthouse was located, reports the Post. Cops matched his DNA to the DNA on a paper coffee cup he was seen drinking from after lifting it from a hotel hospitality cart.

    Earlier this week, the accused thief said on the witness stand that he had no clue he'd stolen anything when he went to the SoHo Grand at 4 a.m., roamed about for awhile and then left carrying Dunst's $2,000 pursue in a takeout bag, according to the Post.

    Jimenez's friend, co-defendant Jarrod Beinerman, plead guilty to the burglary last year and is serving 4 ½ years behind bars. Jimenez said his buddy assured him they had just gone to the hotel to run an unspecific prison, and that he only brought the bag out of the hotel because Beinerman told him to, reports the Post. He said he never looked inside.

    To buttress his claim that he was "too stupid" to commit the burgarly, Jimenez sent the court letters and grades from his previous special-education program. His lawyer told the court he never had any intention to "commit a crime that morning."

    Jimenez will probably be retried on the robbery charges, reports the Post.