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Celeb Zookeeper Blasts Grizzly Cub with Pepper Spray

Frequent Letterman guest took his own advice



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    Jack Hanna can handle alligators as well as Grizzly cubs.

    Jack Hanna, the TV personality and real-life zookeeper,used one of his own tips when a Grizzly cub charged him in Montana.

    The boss of the Columbus Zoo, who appears frequently on "Late Show with David Letterman," was with his wife and other hikers in Montana's Glacier National Park on Saturday when they saw a femal Grizzly and two large cubs coming toward them. The group moved slowly back up the trail to a clearing and stood still while the mother and one cub passed by, Hannna said.

    But the other cub, which Hannna estimated at 125 pounds, charged them. Hanna, who recently appeared in a National Parks public service message urging hikers to carry pepper spray, used the stuff to blast the cub in the face, and it fled.