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Donny Deutsch: Tiger's Best Move Would Be "If His Wife Left Him"



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    Tiger Woods reacts as he looks down at his ball in the 16th fairway bunker.

    While Tiger Woods remains in hiding as the allegations – and alleged mistresses – continue to mount, many folks are wondering… what comes next for the golf superstar?

    And while his corporate sponsors are standing by in their support of him, Woods' personal scandal could have a significant impact on his bottom line.

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    But will Tiger Woods – the businessman – come through it all unscathed?

    "Tiger certainly has a personal mess and the brand is under fire," image consultant Donny Deutsch told Access Hollywood. "But having said that, the brand will survive."

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    Nike has issued a statement of support for their million-dollar pitchman and although Gatorade had previously told Access their "partnership with Tiger continues," on Tuesday it was announced the company was discontinuing their Tiger Focus sports drink.

    However, the company said the decision was made prior to the golfer's scandal.

    So what can Woods do to make sure his image doesn't suffer too much in the long run? According to Deutsch, seeing Woods suffer a bit would definitely help.

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    "If his wife actually left him, it would help his brand and his career because people would see justice," Deutsch continued. "People would say, 'Ah, he got his. He lost his family.' And it would put a bit of an end to the story."

    But if a double digit tally of alleged mistresses isn't enough to tarnish the golfer's previously iron-clad image, what would happen if a sex tape surfaced featuring Woods?

    "If some tape came forward and, you know, he's with three 16-year-old girls, yes!" Deutsch contends.

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