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Haim's Mother Says Her Son Died of Pulmonary Congestion

Called to his mother, saying "I'm not feeling very good"



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    Corey Haim's mother said an autopsy conducted on her son indicated he died of pulmonary congestion, according to a published report.

    Judy Haim told Access Hollywood that the Los Angeles County Coroner said her that her son had an enlarged heart and that his lungs were filled with water. The cause of death was pulmonary congestion, Judy Haim said, although TMZ reported that the coroner has not officially determined the cause of death pending toxicology results.

    According to Access Hollywood, four different types of perscription drugs were taken from Haim's room, but the coroner could not confirm if any of the medications were found in his system.

    Pulmonary congestion is typically caused by heart failure, according to medical experts.

    The troubled former child star was caring for his cancer-stricken mother when he died, according to a director who was working with him on a new film.

    Haim, 38, who starred in "The Lost Boys" and several other big 1980s movies before battling financial and drug problems for decades, was living with his mother Judy as she fought breast cancer, Jensen LeFlore told People magazine.

    LeFlore, director of the movie "Decisions," said Haim's mood changed from carefree to somber after he learned of his 61-year-old mother's illness.

    "That was the only time I really heard him down," the director told the magazine. "His mom was all Corey had ... He was focused on taking care of his mom. They were living together. He wanted to take care of her."

    Judy Haim is the one who found the actor unresponsive and called 911 on Wednesday from her Los Angeles area apartment. The actor was later declared dead at the hospital, according to the LAPD.

    Throughout his struggles, Haim had remained close to his mother, who is divorced from his father.

    "They spent a lot of time together," actress Angela Cullins, who costarred with Haim in the recent thriller "American Sunset," told People. "She was battling breast cancer. It was very stressful for him ... It was exhausting, but he took care of her when she needed him."

    Haim's agent Mark Heaslip says the actor "has been there for her all the way" as his mother underwent chemotherapy and radiation and lost her hair. "Corey had been attending every doctor’s appointment with his mom. It was amazing how well he supported her," says Heaslip.

    Haim had flu-like symptoms in the days before his death, including a 101-degree fever. A doctor checked him Tuesday and ordered bed rest.

    "He stayed in bed all day through the evening," Heaslip told the magazine. "And then in the middle of the night he woke up his mom and said, ‘Mom, can you please come and lie next to me, I’m not feeling very good.’ "

    Judy got into the bed with her son, then woke up to find him with labored breathing. She told him to lie on his side, and they both fell asleep again. At midnight, she heard her son walking around.

    "And then he just collapsed. He just fell over," says Heaslip. "She called for an ambulance."

    Now, with her own health uncertain, Judy Haim has lost the closest person in her life. "She is taking this very, very hard," the agent says. "This is all shocking."