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Lady Gaga Tweets Support of Fan Sent Home From School Over "Lady Gay Gay" Shirt



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    A Lady Gaga fan was sent home from school in Tennessee for wearing a shirt with the words "I <3 Lady Gay Gay" – and the singer took to her Twitter to support him.

    "Been in the studio for days and hours of record after record… when I hear that a little monster was discriminated against* BY TEACHERS," she Tweeted at the 15-year-old Cole Goforth. "I love you cole, you just be yourself. You're perfect the way God made you. #colethegreat."

    Goforth was sent home on Monday from Greenbrier High School in Greenbrier, Tenn., because the shirt was considered a "disruption."

    "We've had a few disruptions the last few days, and we thought the slogan on that shirt would continue to escalate those incidents that had occurred," Danny Weeks, a member of the local school board, told Nashville's WSMV-TV.

    "I just think my sexuality isn't widely accepted around here, so of course they are going to single me out," Cole responded to the station.

    His mother also criticized the decision.

    "I think they are singling him out, I really do, and they've made statements that if he wore this in California, he'd fit in just fine," Jolie Gordon told WSMV.

    For her part, Gaga – an outspoken advocate of gay rights — called the young fan an inspiration.

    "It reminds me of my commitment + love for u, and the deep unconditional devotion I feel to write music that will liberate you from prejudice," she Tweeted. "Thank u for wearing your tee-shirt proud at school, you make me so proud, at the monsterball, you are an inspiration to us all. I love you."

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