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Lohan Battery Investigation Continues: Cops

Ex-Betty Ford employee takes back assault claim and pledges not to assist authorities



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    Looks like LiLo is in the clear.

    Days after the ex-rehab worker who claimed Lindsay Lohan assaulted her reportedly took back her allegations, cops are saying the “Mean Girls” star may not get off so easy.

    A spokesperson for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department told NBC Local Media the battery investigation based on ex-Betty Ford employee Dawn Holland’s accusations is continuing.

    "Confirmation has not been received from the victim on whether or not she intends to drop the charges," Melissa Nieburger wrote in an e-mail on Monday. "Investigators are still gathering information and working on reports dealing with the investigation which may take approximately two weeks to complete."

    After that the Palm Desert Police Department “will be conferring with the District Attorneys Office on whether charges will be filed,” Nieburger wrote.

    On Friday, Dawn Holland’s lawyer told TMZ his client would no longer assist authorities in their battery investigation or a prosecution stemming from the Dec. 12 incident at Betty Ford, even if Holland was subpoenaed.

    "A crime has quite simply not been committed by Ms. Lohan," attorney Keith Davidson told the gossip site.

    In a follow-up interview with the Los Angeles Times on Monday, Davidson added his client was not paid off by Lohan or her associates.

    Betty Ford reportedly fired Holland, a chemical technician, last week for violating the center’s confidentiality rules by talking about Lohan to TMZ.

    She’d alleged an “out of control” Lohan had broken curfew, refused a breathalyzer test and sprained Holland’s wrist by ripping a phone away from her as she was calling the cops.

    Lohan’s lawyer has maintained the starlet was sober and had called 911 first.

    In explaining Holland’s about face, her lawyer told TMZ both women shared common cause as recovering addicts.

    Holland did not want to be responsible for something that would result in Lohan being arrested again, Davidson said.

    Lohan has been a patient at Betty Ford since Sept. 28 and is due out on Jan. 3 at the earliest.

    A Beverly Hills judge sent the “Freaky Friday” actress to the Rancho Mirage facility for having violated probation for a DUI and for testing positive for alcohol.

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