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Levi: I'll Take Sarah Palin to Court

Levi Johnston says he'll fight Palin to get custody of his kid



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    The soon-to-be "Playgirl" pinup is about to face off against the pitbull in lipstick herself.

    The soon-to-be "Playgirl" pinup is about to face off against the pitbull in lipstick herself -- in court.

    Levi Johnston vowed Friday to take Sarah Palin, whose daughter, Bristol, is the mother of Johnston's child, into the courtroom to wage a legal battle over custody of his son, Britain's The Guardian reported.

    Johnston, 19, a hockey player who's set to pose nude in "Playgirl," told the Guardian he has no choice but to drag the ex-vice-presidential nominee into court if he ever wants to see his son.

    "I'm up to the point where I can't see my kid again," Johnston said from his hometown of Anchorage. "I'm done. I'm sure we'll end up in court. We're definitely going to court."

    Johnston and Bristol Palin revealed the then-17-year-old girl's pregnancy just days after Palin, the former Alaska governor, was chosen as Republican John McCain's running mate in the election.

    The couple split suddenly in March, three months after Tripp's birth on Dec. 27 and just over four months after Palin and McCain lost the presidential race.

    Since the split, Johnston has been able to see Tripp at most once a week, the new dad said.

    "They started letting me see him and everything was fine. But everything got bad again. So I said screw them," he said.

    Johnston said it was Grandma Palin -- not Bristol -- holding Tripp back from seeing his dad.

    "Bristol listens to her mom. Sarah says something, Bristol is going to follow," he said.

    Johnston has been spotted at entertainment events with comedian Kathy Griffin, who joked earlier this week she's carrying Johnston's love child. He's spent the past month buffing up for his "Playgirl" shoot, working with trainers to get his body toned before he takes it all off.