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Potty Break Disqualifies Dave Chappelle From Standup Title

Nature interrupts Chappelle laughfest



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    Dave Chappelle nearly won a comedy endurance contest. His show, not so much.

    Dave Chappelle almost stuck this one out.

    The comic who famously walked away from a $50 million deal to continue his wildly successful “Chappelle Show” on Comedy Central was close to topping a record for longest continuous stand-up routine during a performance at a Los Angeles club on Sunday, The Associated Press reported.

    But five hours into the routine, Chapelle took a much needed a bathroom break and was disqualified, Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada said.

    Had he stayed on stage for just 2.5 hours longer, Chappelle could have bested comedian Dane Cook’s club record from last year.

    "There are only two rules," Masada said. "You have to continuously tell jokes that are funny and you can't leave the stage, even to go to the bathroom."

    Masada said the audience wasn’t happy but rules are rules where endurance comedy is concerned.

    The late Richard Pryor set the original club record, two hours and 41 minutes, in 1980. Cook broke it 27 years later with a three-hour, 50-minute set.

    Chappelle raised the bar to six hours, seven minutes before Cook took the record back last year.