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No iPhone 4 Line for Jason Bateman

Actor caught on camera as Apple employee gives him star treatment



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    Jason Bateman’s current career success stands as a statistical anomaly, yes, but it’s also the result of hard work and dues-payment.

    Not everybody had to wait in long lines to get their iPhone 4: Actor Jason Bateman got whisked right to the front of the queue by an Apple employee when he showed up at an L.A. store to get the latest gadget.

    And since everyone waiting in line was a techno geek with an old model handy, it should come as no surprise that the special treatment was captured in full, then posted on As Bateman was escorted into the air conditioned store by an Apple employee in dire need of a belt, the regular folks booed lustily, according to witnesses.

    To be fair, if Bateman was a really, really obnoxious, big-time superstar, he wouldn't have been standing among the riffraff in ratty jeans and a T-Shirt. He would have waited in a limo and had a beleaguered personal assistant stand in line, then berated the poor wretch for taking so long. And there's no evidence that ditching was the "Arrested Development" star's idea, either.

    "It's not like he used his name to get it. Someone spotted him and invited him," wrote one poster to the site. "I would have done the same thing."

    Ah, but you didn't parlay a Kirk Cameron-like role on a 1980s sitcom into a career as a quirky actor, did you? Get back in line!