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Promoter Offers $1M to Paris Hilton, Lilo to Fight



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    Admit it, you would watch a fight between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

    A celebrity fight promoter is offering $1 million for Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton to get into the boxing ring, pledging the purse to charity, according to Damon Feldman, whose Hollywood Boxing Federation has staged celerity fights involving such D-listers as Danny Bonaduce, Rodney King and Lohan's father, Michael, said the party girls would only have to spar for three one-miunute rounds using oversize boxing gloves.

    "We're calling it the battle of the bad girls of Hollywood," Feldman told RadarOnline. "This would be nothing more than a fun match-up, and Paris and Lindsay have both dabbled with boxing training in the past," he said.

    Hilton, 29, and Lohan, 24, have feuded in the past but are believed to be on good terms.

    Last month, Feldman offered a seven-figure purse for Will Smith and "The Fighter" star Mark Wahlberg to duke it out. Smith, who portrayed Muhammad Ali in 2001's "Ali" rejected the offer.

    Feldman has been in trouble in the past for promoting fights that may not have been on the level. Last April, he was arrested in Pennsylvania for allegedly fixing fights.

    “The only thing that appears to be ‘real’ about any of these events is the money that went into Mr. Feldman’s pocket and the media attention that he received,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett said. “These so-called fights were staged without concern for the health and safety of the participants, a lack of proper medical care and with a total disregard for the professional standards of boxing in Pennsylvania.”

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