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Rock Band Weezer Pays Tribute to "Lost" Character

Jorge Garcia, who played Hurley on hit show graces album cover



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    Dude! Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, played by Jorge Garcia, is a lotto winner with a suspicion that his winning numbers have cursed him. His character continually lightens the drama of the show and he's fiercely loyal to his fellow survivors.

    Hurley may never get off the island, but the "Lost" character is on the latest album from Weezer.

    A photo of Jorge Garcia, who played the lovable and rotund character on the hit ABC show is on the cover of the band's new album, which is called "Hurley."

    "The important thing was that we wanted that picture of Jorge Garcia face on the cover with no words," frontman Rivers Cuomotold Reuters. "So we just figured that everyone was going to call it Hurley, so that's how it came to be called Hurley."

    The album, due in stores on Sept. 14, marks the band's debut for Los Angeles indie punk label Epitaph Records after a 16-year stint on Geffen, where it cranked out such hits "Buddy Holly," "Beverly Hills" and "We Are all on Drugs."

    "Our seven record deal with Geffen was up," Cuomo said. "(Epitaph owner) Brett Gurewitz made us an offer we couldn't refuse. He is a fan of the band and was helpful in ... getting the mixing and mastering done at the end of the record. It is cool to have a label head who is also a song writer, in a band, and produces records."

    Cuomo didn't go into the band's affinity for Garcia, but they probably are watching more TV at home than in their younger days when they were always playing. Cuomo, 40, is a married family man and members have settled down.

    "The way we tour now, we spend most of the week at home in L.A. making music, and then we fly around the country on the weekends and play 2 or 3 shows," he said.

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