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Scoop: Murphy put on good face, source says



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    While Brittany Murphy's parents remain in a state of shock following the actress' death, sources say the actress put on a good face for her folks as she struggled to make her career “a huge success.”

    As Brittany Murphy’s parents await more details from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office as to why their daughter died suddenly on Sunday, sources close to the family said her father, Angelo Bertolotti, and mother, Sharon Murphy, are in a state of shock.

    “Friends and people in her circle in Hollywood seem to feel like this (Murphy’s death) was a possibility, but her parents never saw it coming. She put on a good face,” said one source who knew of Murphy’s recent struggles.

    Those struggles, specifically, had a lot to do with the pressure she put on herself. “She was an overachiever. She wanted to be a huge success, and it never felt like she was doing well enough,” said the source. “Whether it had something to do with her death, I don't know. But the pressure she put on herself did impact her physically.”

    Tiger Woods plotting spring comeback
    Although Tiger Woods said his leave from golf would be an “indefinite” one, it’s looking like his return might not be far off.

    “There’s serious talk of being ready for the Masters,” said one PGA source. “It’s an exclusive event, Tiger has history there, it’s the perfect venue for a comeback and the crowd is very controlled.”

    The Masters begins April 8, and his participation is being given consideration regardless of the status of Tiger and Elin’s marriage. “It’s better for him if he gets out there sooner rather than later,” said the source. “Elin is a priority to him still, but so is his career.”

    Jon Gosselin enjoys ‘shooting cans and stuff’
    A few weeks ago, Jon Gosselin was part of a yoga photo shoot for Us Weekly. Since then, he’s been decidedly less Zen. Gosselin was spotted toting a gun on the property of the Wernersville, Penn., home he and Kate shared before their Dec. 18 divorce. Life & Style magazine has the back story to the sidearm.

    “Jon and his friends were taking turns shooting at some type of target for about an hour,” an eyewitness told the magazine. “He was using real bullets and hit the target a couple of times.” Gosselin has a permit for the gun, but was banned on Dec. 17 from having it near the home, which now belongs to Kate and their eight kids.

    “He enjoys shooting cans and stuff,” said the magazine source, who also adds that the kids weren’t around when Jon and his friends held target practice. 

    ‘The Situation’ misplaces is clothing
    “Jersey Shore” cast member Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino continued to hemorrhage ridiculousness last Friday night when he found himself in a dubious clothing situation at New York’s Dream Hotel.

    Shortly after 10 p.m., a shoeless Situation entered a hotel elevator from the sixth floor, wearing a white hotel-issued robe and jeans. Initially he told passengers already in the elevator that he was locked out of his room. However, when he reached the lobby, he changed his story. “He pulled me aside and asked if I knew if the hotel has a gift shop because he ‘lost his clothes.’” The good Samaritan (who advised him not to go around telling strangers that he had just lost his clothes) then suggested he find the hotel manager.

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