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Jimmy Fallon Plays Beer Pong Against a Robot



    Watch: Jimmy Fallon vs. Beer Pong Robot

    Jimmy faces off against Joshua Topolsky's beer pong robot (Published Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015)

    Jimmy Fallon is a man of many talents, but he met his match Friday night on "The Tonight Show": a robot that can play beer pong.

    Journalist Joshua Topolsky introduced the nifty gadget to Fallon's immense excitement.

    "Yes! Finally! We've done it! USA! USA!" the host chanted. "So how does it work?"

    Topolsky explained: "Any ball you put under here it'll grip. And then it beats you at beer pong."

    The Empire Robotics-designed 'bot scored first, arcing an orange ping-pong ball perfectly across the table. Fallon was up to the challenge, bouncing a shot off the robotic arm into a cup. (Topolsky drank for the robot.)

    "So basically this robot sucks your ball, and then forces you to drink beer," Fallon deadpanned. "Fantastic. I'll buy one of these."

    Brian Williams returned to "Tonight," as Fallon confessed to Williams that he and Steve Harris once heckled the NBC "Nightly News" anchor in the street outside 30 Rock.

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    "We saw Brian on the street, and we were yelling, 'You suck! You suck Brian Williams!'" Fallon said, laughing.

    "I thought it was my family," Williams joked back. "There's nothing better than trying to sneak out of 30 Rock."

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