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Clinton Campaign to Launch 'Love Trumps Hate' Performance Series

Performers include Bon Jovi, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez



    Clinton Campaign to Launch 'Love Trumps Hate' Performance Series
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    The Clinton campaign announced Tuesday that it is starting a "Love Trumps Hate" performance series featuring Jennifer Lopez, Bon Jovi and Katy Perry.

    As Election Day looms closer, Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced it is launching a "Love Trumps Hate" performance series, featuring a list of popular artists including Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Bon Jovi to encourage more voters to cast their ballot in battleground states.

    In announcing the series in a press release the Clinton campaign also took an opportunity to knock Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

    "In the final weeks of this campaign, what voters will hear from these performers and all Hillary For America surrogates is that Hillary Clinton has the experience and steadiness to bring people together and get real results — Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be president," the release said.

    "The choice in this election is clear," the release continued. "We can either come together to tackle the big challenges facing the country or let Donald Trump keep tearing us apart with his divisive rhetoric and dangerous ideas."

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