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Video of Couple Reuniting at Airport Is Melting Hearts



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    @ChrisGQPerry1 / Twitter
    Facebook user Chris GQ Perry filmed an elderly couple reuniting at an airport.

    Amateur video of an elderly couple's emotional reunion in an airport arrivals lounge is melting hearts and becoming a digital sensation.

    Uploaded by Facebook user Chris GQ Perry, it has now been viewed more than 24 million times.

    The clip shows a gentleman standing at an airport with flowers in his hands. He looks to be as nervous and as anxious as a 16-year-old boy about to take the coolest girl in school out on his very first date. So, that situation right there is probably one of the most adorable images ever.


    This is true love.Chris GQ Perry

    Posted by Chris GQ Perry on Monday, September 7, 2015

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    And then his face starts to light up. Like, really light up. A grin that can only belong to a man in love stretches across his face, and whomever he's waiting for must be in his sights. And before you think the whole thing couldn't get any cuter, the one he is waiting for comes into frame and the couple kiss and embrace. This 10-second video shows a more romantic love story than all of Nicholas Sparks' movies combined. Yes, even "The Notebook."

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