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Happy 10th Birthday Twitter: Here Are the Most Iconic Tweets of the Past Decade

Did you know the hashtag was started on Twitter in 2007?



    Happy 10th Birthday Twitter: Here Are the Most Iconic Tweets of the Past Decade
    The famous Oscar selfie Ellen DeGeneres tweeted in March of 2014 is still Twitter's most retweeted photo.

    Aside from making us feel ancient, Twitter's 10th birthday is filling us with all sorts of nostalgia.

    So many iconic moments have gone down since Twitter was founded 10 years ago today, it's hard to keep them straight. Of course, you could never forget the famous Oscar selfie Ellen DeGeneres tweeted in March of 2014. So many celebs in one photo definitely broke the internet for a bit. To date, it's the sites most retweeted pic

    While that Twitter moment may be common pop-culture knowledge, did you know the invention of the hashtag also started on the same social site? I know, right? It's hard to recall a time when that little '#' was just a weird button on our phone. Whether you're into selfies or hard-hitting news, it's all gone down on Twitter over the past decade. We've rounded up a list of the sites most epic moments, including stars first tweets, iconic pics, and more, for your scrolling pleasure. Happy birthday, Twitter! We heart you.

    1. The #hashtag is born. The man behind the hashtag we all know and love is Chris Messina. What started as a simple tweet suggestion, literally took over our lives.

    2. Caitlyn Jenner joins Twitter. The "I Am Cait" star broke major Twitter records by gaining 1 million followers in under four hours. The epic record was held by @POTUS before Jenner killed it on the social media site. Her very first tweets were her iconic Vanity Fair cover and a touching message to her followers. 

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar. The award for Best Actor wasn't the only accolade he walked away with that night. His crowning moment sparked over 400,000 tweets per minute across the globe. In that instant, his win became the most-Tweeted minute ever to occur during an Oscars telecast. Likewise, when the actor posted his winning tweet to his Twitter page, it was shared over 370,000 times. February 28, 2016, was a good day for Twitter and DiCaprio both. 

    4. @FoxDrive is the first to live-Tweet a TV show. Was there ever a time before live-Tweeting? These days people do it for everything from overheard arguments to their favorite shows. The first live-Tweet happened on April 16 of 2007. Are we really that old?

    5. The Miracle on the Hudson. Talk about an unforgettable Twitter moment. The water landing was first discovered by a photo taken by Janis Krums. Unreal.

    6. The first Royal Baby is born. The internet went wild for this one. When Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William welcomed their first child, over two million mentions of the news occurred on Twitter within one hour of his birth. Following the actual announcement of the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis birth, more than 25,300 tweets went out per minute.

    7. Ashton Kutcher beats CNN to be the first person with a million followers. Quite the honor back when it happened in 2009. Another fun fact? On this same day, April 16, Oprah Winfrey sent out her first tweet. 

    8. Pro-democracy protests in Cairo. These protests unfolded on Twitter which basically marked the first time social media was used to fuel/organize a political revolution. This iconic Twitter moment happened in January of 2011.

    9. Lady Gaga announces role on "American Horror Story." The actress/singer, who is the 6th most followed person on Twitter, posted the news in February of last year. At the time of her Twitter announcement, "AHS" fans joined forces with her Little Monsters to spread the news. Fun Fact: "AHS" fans are some of the most active Tweeters when it comes to talking about TV.  


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