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Ian McKellen Officiating at Wedding of "X-Men" Costar Patrick Stewart

British actors starred in three flicks about the mutant superhero outcasts and are set to reprise their roles as Magneto and Professor X in the upcoming "Days of Future Past."



    Ian McKellen Officiating at Wedding of "X-Men" Costar Patrick Stewart
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    British actor Sir Ian McKellen arrives at the European premiere of the first in the new trilogy of films based on the work of J R R Tolkien, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" in Leicester Square, central London on December 12, 2012.

    Ian McKellen, wedding officiant? A positively magnetic idea, Patrick Stewart says.

    The actor behind Magneto's alter ego in the big-screen version of "X-Men" reveals that he's been tapped to officiate at the upcoming wedding of his pal Stewart--with whom he costarred in the hit superhero flicks--to singer Sunny Ozell.

    McKellen shared the news during an appearance on the U.K.'s "Jonathan Ross Show," and it turns out the 73-year-old has got some bona fides when it comes to overseeing weddings.

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    "I'm going to marry Patrick," he said. "I am going to officiate at his wedding."

    When pressed about whether he had the right qualifications for the job, he said: "In Massachusetts--we're in the middle of America somewhere--you get anybody along, a friend, and I read out the words, and Sunny and Patrick will then be married. I declare you man and wife."

    Apparently, this isn't the first time McKellen's taken on the task--he said he'd "done it once before with two guys having a civil partnership" in the U.K., which left the actor "crying my eyes out."

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    As for his getup, McKellen said that the last time, he donned a "sort of gown, a white...something I bought in India."

    The look, he quipped, was "rather fetching," before cracking, "You mustn't upstage the bride." Or Professor X himself, for that matter!

    The wedding will prove to be another reunion of sorts for McKellen and Stewart: They're both set to reprise their superhero roles in the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past," which comes to theaters in July 2014.

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