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Jennifer Lopez Defends Controversial "Britain's Got Talent" Costume

"It was a bodysuit," the mother of two explained.



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    Jennifer Lopez performing on "Britain's Got Talent"

    Jennifer Lopez doesn't think she's too sexy for TV.

    After the 43-year-old singer received some backlash for her controversial costume, which included a skintight body suit and thigh-high boots, during her recent performance on "Britain's Got Talent," the mother of two has now jumped to her own defense for her provocative attire.

    "It was a bodysuit," she told Scott Mills on BBC 1 radio. "A lot of performers wear those these days. It's stage clothes. I'm not going to walk down the street like that."

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    The stunning star came under fire after she performed her hit single "Live It Up." Media watchdog Ofcom, which is similar to the FCC, told E! News it "received complaints, which we are currently assessing but not investigating at the moment."

    The BBC radio host also pressed J.Lo for deets on her undergarments, asking the singer if she was wearing anything "under those fishnets to prevent a wardrobe malfunction."

    "Sure. Absolutely," Casper Smart's GF replied.

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    See? It could have been much, much worse.

    Watch the clip for more from Jennifer, including the last time she did laundry and flew a private jet!