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John Stamos Bewildered on 'Late Night' About Harsh 'Fuller House' Reviews



    'Late Night:’ Stamos Reads Negative 'Fuller House' Reviews

    John Stamos and host Seth Meyers read several passionately negative reviews. One reviewer compared the nostalgia in “Fuller House” crosses into necrophilia. (Published Friday, March 4, 2016)

    Sometimes you just have to laugh things off.

    And John Stamos demonstrated this idea during his visit on “Late Night” as he and host Seth Meyers read scathing reviews of his new show “Fuller House.”

    “There’s a point where nostalgia becomes more like necrophilia,” Meyers read off a card from one of the reviews. “And Fuller House immediately crosses that line.”

    Stamos, wearing his reading glasses, looked at the audience in utter bafflement.

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    “That’s not nice,” he said. Then, he responded to the review, which appeared in The Washington Post, “Is necrophilia if you get screwed by a dead magazine?”

    Earlier, Stamos said he was a little worried about creating a “Full House” reunion show.

    “I was so nervous about doing this again because it’s so beloved as you” –Meyers – “say and I didn’t want to disappoint people.”

    He noted that the reviews, “were so wacky and they’re real”

    Meyers read another review, “Netflix’s ‘Fuller House’ is like a porn parody without the porn.”

    Stamos noted that he actually saw a pornographic movie that parodies “Full House.”

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    “There’s a real porn that just came out it’s called ‘Full Holes’,” Stamos said. “It’s very specific with its catch phrases.”

    Out of these vitriolic reviews, the most benign came from The New York Times.

    “The series begins as a sitcom family reunion,” Meyers reads. “It becomes a self-conscious, dated and modeling reminder of the ceaseless march of time and your inevitable demise.”

    “So he liked it?” Stamos said.

    “He liked it” Meyers said.

    Stamos brushes off the reviews with laughter and concluded to say that Netflix renewed the show for a second season.

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    “You know what, the fans loved the show,” he said.