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"Survivor: Cagayan": Find Out Who Won Season 28



    "Survivor: Cagayan": Find Out Who Won Season 28
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    From left: Spencer, Tony and Kass ponder their fates on "Survivor: Cagayan"

    After weeks of strategizing, backstabbing, bug bite-scratching, and not a whole lot of bathing, "Survivor's" best season in years has crowned New Jersey police officer Tony Vlachos as the season 28's Sole Survivor, though it didn't come easily.

    Tony started out the night by admitting to viewers - but not his fellow castaways - that his magical idol was no longer usable, claiming that this bluff was the only thing saving him. His lie became especially important in the immunity challenge when Kass, after struggling at the back of the pack through the whole challenge, came back at the very end to guarantee a spot in the final three.

    Unfortunately, Wednesday's winner would be determined from the final two, so she wasn't quite home free. She immediately announced her intention to get rid of Spencer, and Spencer tried desperately to get Tony to vote for Woo instead. His efforts were futile, however, and Spencer was the first player voted out of the final four.

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    In the second immunity challenge, Kass, Tony, and Woo had to navigate a maze, collecting medallions on the way that would eventually let them unlock another puzzle. Yet again, Kass was behind for most of the game, but was ultimately only a half a second away from winning another immunity. Instead, Woo won immunity and secured his spot in the final two, which also meant that he got to choose who went with him to the final tribal council.

    Of course, that meant Tony and Kass now had to do their best to convince Woo that they deserved to stay in the game. Kass called it "horrifying" that the person who "hasn't made a decision the whole game" was now in charge of her fate, and we had to agree. At tribal council, Woo didn't want to hear from either Tony or Kass, and just wanted to get to the vote. In the end, he decided to go with Tony, and voted Kass out of the game.

    The final tribal council Q&A was not easy on Tony, who was confronted by Trish in possibly one of the best final council speeches ever. She was followed by Spencer, who attacked Woo for acting like a puppy in the second animal analogy of the night, while praising Tony's game-playing skills. Basically at this point, we were rooting for Trish and Spencer instead.

    Back in the states, Jeff read the votes and awarded the big prize to a bald-headed, and admittedly much-deserving Tony Vlachos before the reunion special got underway.

    Do you think the right person walked home with the title of Sole Survivor? Do you agree that this was the best season in ages? Let us know in the comments!

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