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Things Heat Up During Priyanka Chopra's 'Tonight Show' Appearance



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    Actress Priyanka Chopra and host Jimmy Fallon have a hot wing eating contest on March 3, 2016.

    Things got hot on “The Tonight Show” when actress Priyanka Chopra made a guest appearance on Thursday.

    An innocent conversation about New York City’s food turned into Chopra and host Jimmy Fallon debating over who has a higher tolerance for spicy food. A table was brought out to test their spice palettes. The two then dug into plates of Atomic Wings slathered in the signature “nuclear” sauce, which are the company’s hottest wings.

    Fallon could only stomach one while Chopra – who also stars in the show “Quantico” -- turned up the heat and ate two.

    Chopra discussed her role in the new “Baywatch” movie and she expressed delight that David Hasselhoff, who starred in the original 90s “Baywatch" show, would be making a cameo in the remake.

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    Chopra also discussed her path to fame through her winning Miss India and then Miss World. She teased Fallon and said that he was a big hit in India.

    “They love you,” she said.

    “You’re lying to me,” Fallon said.

    Later, she said, “We have to bring you to India.”