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Prince Harry Sends Words of Encouragement to Young People in Inspiring Video Message

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry has an important message for the young members of OnSide Youth Zones.

Over the weekend, the national charity broadcasted a stream of last year's OnSide Awards and featured a special message from the Duke of Sussex.

"Hi guys! Just a few months ago, we were all together in London at the OnSide Youth Zones Awards and, wow, what a night that was," he said in a video message. "I remember meeting so many incredible people and hearing your stories--stories of strength, of determination, of resilience but ultimately of courage. And as I said to you on that night, and I will repeat it again, hats off to every single one of you for surviving but also for thriving. These stories and these daily challenges that you guys are coming up against are unbelievable, and so many people would never understand. But you guys have the strength to pull through, and you have the support of the OnSide community, the OnSide family to help you through that process."

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Harry then said he could "only imagine the last six weeks have made it even more challenging" amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

"This too shall pass," he reassured. "And before you know it, you will be back together again, probably in a Youth Zone, you know, running around, having the best time ever."

As he introduced the replay of the awards ceremony, he encouraged viewers to "have fun" and to "soak up the positivity of this night because it really was amazing."

Harry attended the OnSide Awards in November 2019. During the event, he made a speech and introduced Place2Be, which provides mental health counseling support and training to schools.

"Every time I meet someone from OnSide I meet someone who is ambitious for themselves but also for their entire generation, hopeful for the future of our planet, and committed to supporting others," he told attendees at the time. "You have an amazing fire burning inside of you--full of potential, creativity, compassion, and authenticity. You refuse to accept the status quo, and you show the world that no matter who you are, whatever your circumstances, or wherever you come from-everyone deserves the right to be heard and everyone has the potential to succeed. And lead. So, OnSide, thank you."

According to its website, OnSide aims to build a network of "Youth Zones" in "deprived areas" that offer young people a place to do something and have someone to talk to during their free time. It also strives to inspire its members so that they can live healthier, more positive lives and "grow up to become happy, caring and responsible citizens." Harry has been a supporter of OnSide for a few years now.

Watch the video to see his speech.

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