The Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Eric Braeden shared that he is now receiving immunotherapy to target those cells

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Eric Braeden is currently enduring a medical battle.

"The Young and the Restless" actor, who has played Victor Newman on the soap series since 1980, revealed in a Facebook Live April 21 that he was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Recalling how he learned of this diagnosis, Braeden shared that he began to have problems with his prostate and bladder while recovering from a knee replacement. Braeden eventually visited with a urologist at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles to receive a catheter. Upon a return visit, the doctor looked at his bladder.

"He says, 'You have cancer,'" Braeden recalled on Facebook Live. "I said, ‘Woah. Huh. Holy s--t. ok. Needless to say I was taken aback, but I was determined to deal with it."

The 82-year-old shared that he underwent a UroLift procedure, which unblocks the urethra. During that operation, they also worked to remove the cancer. After the surgery, when examining a biopsy report, the doctor discovered that amongst low-grade cancer cells, there were some high-grade cancer cells as well.

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Braeden shared that he is now receiving immunotherapy to target those cells.

"I had my first infusion," Braeden noted. "I didn't have really bad reaction the first day. A little floozy but not bad. I just had my second infusion last Monday. The first day a little weak but I'm OK. Hopefully it stays that way."

Although the experience is uncomfortable, Braeden shared that he is willing to endure it in pursuit of recovery.

"Every time you go there, of course you cringe because they're gonna go up your you-know-what and infuse you with that serum," he said, "but if it helps you, then to hell with it. I'll do it."

While receiving the immunotherapy, the actor is navigating a balance between living his active lifestyle and not overdoing it.

"I work out but reduced. I hit the heavy bag, but not for as long as I usually do," he explained. "I do some weights, but less weights. I do stationary bike, but less so. That's a difficult thing to learn as an athlete, difficult to learn to slow down, to do it but do less of it. I've learned now to listen to my body more and not go all out."

While his activity level has changed, one aspect of his life has remained the same: His work life.

"I still am happy to be able to go work. That I enjoy. It distracts me. I love acting. I love knowing that I entertain people," he noted before declaring with tears in his eyes, "I love your support."

Looking towards the future Braeden assured fans, "I will lick this. This bastard ain't gonna get me. I'm gonna get it. I'll be in top form again soon."

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