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Lady Gaga: You Booze, You Lose (the Pounds)



    Lady Gaga: You Booze, You Lose (the Pounds)
    Lady Gaga ended a lawsuit with producer and ex-boyfriend Rob Fusari last September after a legal battle over copyrights was launched in March. Fusari sought a monetary deal for allegedly co-writing some of the pop star's hits, inventing her stage name and helping launch her into stardom.

    Whiskey and yoga. That’s how Lady Gaga stays fit.

    “I’m on the drunk diet,” the pop diva said on the Sirius Morning Mash Up radio show. “I like to drink whisky and stuff while I’m working.”

    The star’s unorthodox weight loss regimen is built on a “work hard, play hard” mentality.

    “The deal is, I’ve got to work out every day, and I work out hung over if I’m hung over,” she said.

    The comments had all the pizzazz the provocative songstress is known for, but they were also a little promotion for her partner.

    Gaga’s beau, New York bar owner, partier, and long-distance runner Luc Carl has just signed on to write a book called “The Drunk Diet,” according to the New York Daily News.

    The tome will detail how he lost 40 pounds without giving up a raucous nightlife.

    But, staying slim is about more than just book sales for Mother Monster.

    “I’m at a turning point in my career where I really want to perfect singing live while dancing,” she said.

    Two-hour live performances like the one she gave in Atlantic City Saturday night are grueling cardiovascular affairs when you’re not lip-synching.

    “I’ve never been a lip-syncher, and I don’t intend on it,” the “Born This Way” star added.

    So to stay in top form, Gaga relies on modern dance, yoga, and yes, whiskey.

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