Netflix Users Can Now Turn Off Auto-Play Previews

The Los Gatos-based video streaming giant announced a much-requested change to its interface.


Netflix users who dislike the way the streaming app will automatically play trailers and previews of suggested shows can rejoice: you can now turn off auto-play.

The Los Gatos-based media company today announced the oft-requested change on Twitter:

Using default settings, the Netflix app will sometimes start playing a preview video, even if the user doesn't want it to do so. If you're watching a series, it will typically automatically jump to the next episode as soon as the credits roll. Complaints about the feature may be best summarized by this October 2019 tweet that received more than 350,000 likes:

If you're one of the Netflix subscribers who does enjoy the auto-play feature, fear not! You don't have to do anything. Auto-play will stay on by default. If you decide you'd rather not use it, you can turn it off by following these instructions provided by Netflix.

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