Same-Sex Couple in Disney Pixar's ‘Lightyear' Sparks Controversy

Disney Pixar

The latest animated blockbuster from Bay Area-based Pixar Studios is hitting theaters and there's a lot of buzz.

It’s not only the movie, but it’s one of its characters that seems to have the whole world talking. 

"Lightyear" includese a lesbian charater, Alicia, and an on-screen same-sex kiss.

"Having a same-sex relationship was something important to us, it felt organic, it didn't feel like we were just doing something for the sake of doing it, it was really important to a lot of people,” said Dean Kelly, ”Lightyear” story supervisor.

He said he and the team are aware of backlash, like the, "not at all secret gay agenda" comment from podcast host Ben Shapiro, but says that didn't stop them from developing the character.

"I think it enriched the character of Alicia, I think people see the representation on-screen and that means something,” said Kelly. “It brings a truth to an epic space adventure, and brings it down to something people can relate to."

Kelly said now that it's out in the world, they want reaction, and expect some controversy.

And there is controversy. As of release day, there are some 14 countries that say they will not show Lightyear. China has asked the studio to make changes, but both Pixar and Disney said that they won't make those changes.

"Particularly for young LGBTQ people, for our youth, for them to see a positive portrayal of someone like them, it makes a huge difference," said State Senator Scott Wiener.

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