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Desperate Housewives: The Re-Marrying Man



    Desperate Housewives: The Re-Marrying Man
    "Desperate Housewives" celebrated a wedding this week.

    A bride is getting dressed for her wedding -- it's Susan! The ceremony apparently goes swimmingly, with all in attendance. Then, halfway down the aisle, the newly re-wed couple is stopped by Katherine, looking disheveled. Cut to earlier, and we see that Mike talked to Katherine, and she accepted things and gave him his engagement ring back. Susan hemmed and hawed over going to see her until her wedding dress was accidentally delivered to Katherine, and Kath tried it on while making a big tomato sauce. Kath finally confronts Susan before the wedding and tells her she needs to apologize during the ceremony, so Susan promptly locks her in the closet. She busts out just in time to greet the recessing couple, and Susan gives a long, heartfelt apology, which Katherine kinda accepts, but then she says she is not Susan's friend any more.

    Bree is feeling guilty over cheating on Orson, and wants her indiscretion with Karl to be special, at a fancy hotel. Of course, she knows people at that hotel, so they have to settle for a cheaper motel, which necessitates the two of them going shopping for sheets and flowers. After Orson tells her that, yes, he feels guilty for blackmailing her into staying married, but that guilt is sometimes necessary for happiness, Bree decides not to put off her own little guilt trip any longer, and after the wedding she's undressing Karl in their redecorated hotel room like a shot.

    Lynette is depressed over the pregnancy, because if they continue to get pregnant with twins every time one child leaves the house (one of the older twins went to Europe), they'll never be free. After making an expectant mother cry in the waiting room, Lynette and Tom see the sonogram, and Lynette realizes she doesn't love these kids.

    Gaby is being stern with the rebellious Ana, keeping her from wearing a skimpy top to school and forbidding the 16-year-old from going to a club opening. Carlos wants her to sign the guardian papers, but Gaby is waiting to see if Ana will straighten up. After Ana goes to the club anyway, and Gaby shows up on stage and blackmails the druggie patrons into giving her up, the two have a long debate over who had a tougher childhood, until Gaby signs the papers and Ana is officially better off than Gaby was.

    Lee has gotten his broker's license and taken over all of Edie's old listings, and the first house he sells is Mary Alice's old place, which is still cheap because of her suicide five seasons ago, apparently. The buyers are Angie Bolen (Drea de Matteo, who still has her Sopranos accent), her slightly off husband Nick, and her son Danny, who may be the reason they had to move. Danny's starting college, so he convinces Susan's recently returned daughter Julie to tutor him in math before putting the dating moves on her. His dad warns her off, and Danny doesn't take it well. We get a glimpse of Angie's back, which has a nasty burn scar on it, and then we see a hoodied figure strangle Julie as she's taking out the recycling. She may be dead. The lesson? Don't recycle.

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