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Glam Slam: Tyra Gets Real



    Glam Slam: Tyra Gets Real
    Tyra Banks ditched her fake hair on screen.

    "No weaves, no wigs, no clip-ins, no clip-ons, no sew-ins, no sew-outs, no nothing," Tyra Banks laughs, about her decision to ditch her fake hair on national TV.

    Tyra declared today "Natural Real Hair Day" and challenged other women to go natural today too.

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    "I've never showed what my real hair is. Am I gonna look as glamorous on the talk show this season? Probably not, but it's me."

    No reason to forgo glamour! Celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright from Warren-Tricomi Los Angeles, who styled Tyra's (fake!) hair for the Daytime Emmy awards, shares tips on how to make natural hair work for you.

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    1. In some cases it still really helps to have a relaxer in the hair especially in climates where there is a lot of humidity. A relaxer will keep hair controlled and tame frizzies leaving hair more manageable. I love Affirm's new organic line Syntonics - it is very gentle and works well with color treated hair. It is conditioning and makes hair very easy to maintain.

    2. I love when people rock naturally curly hair. My favorite product is a creamy leave in conditioner called Mixed Chicks. You can literally put product on wet hair and let it dry naturally (or if you are in a time crunch you can always use a diffuser and scrunch hair to get it dry). Mixed Chicks sets the curl but it's soft enough that you can run your fingers though it and hair has movement.

    3. Roller sets are a great way to utilize natural hair. This technique, using standard individual rollers, protects hair from heat and humidity and the best part is the look lasts. There are so many different styles you can create using rollers. Use different size barrels depending on the look you desire. The tighter the curl the smaller the rod. For more body go with something larger. Shampoo/condition hair as usual and then use a setting lotion like Motion and take one inch sections and roll hair going from crown to nape.

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    Sit under the dryer for about 45 minutes (or wrap head in a silk scarf and sleep on it) until hair is completely dry. After rollers are taken out, style as desired. I love finishing off the look with Redken's Glass.

    4. Updos are a great way to give hair a break and go au natural. I love utilizing the amazing hair accessories that are out there right now (Jennifer Behr). If you don't have an accessory you can make your own by doing a braided look. You can do this by parting hair on the side and taking a 2 inch section of the front of your hair and create a French braid along your hairline. Secure the braid behind your ear by overlapping two bobby pins to create an "x". Then take remaining hair and twist into a bun and secure with bobby pins or your favorite elastic band.

    5. So many of my clients are going short which is also a great modern way to go natural. We are seeing so many stars being so much more daring with their hair and this is a way they can be free of weaves or extensions. There are so many different ways to wear short hair.

    You can wear hair naturally curly by using a texturizer that will relax the waves and keep them manageable. If you want something more edgy you can wrap your hair with setting lotion and put hair under the dryer and then flat iron hair to give hair a spikey style like Halle Berry's look.

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